Database Applications

Global Network Access and LiveNet can create web pages that interacts with information obtained from the user on your "java scripted" web page. Your imagination can run wild with this programming laguage!

JavaScript™ is a scripting language that is interpreted at run time directly through your web browser. JavaScript™, in its current form, is for client-side applications and runs within versions of Netscape 2.X or higher and Internet Explorer 3.X or higher.

Take a look at our top of our web page... our top navigation bar. When you move your mouse over the words (above), like web hosting, you will notice that "web hosting" changes color and an image appears in the middle. This is all done using Java. Let us design something like this for you.

Java™ is a powerful, high-level, object-oriented, platform independent programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java™ has gained acceptance throughout the industry as the leading development language. LiveNet can harness the power of Java™ to develop complex, robust, and secure applications/applets that harness the information on your database(s).

How Java™ can be beneficial to your company:

    java GUI interface to retrieve and view legacy documents
    java scripting Client-Server database solutions over a secure Intranet/Internet environment using JDBC
    java database Java™ store front and/or shopping basket application
    java applications Existing or new demo applications/brochures run on the web