New Services at GNA!
New Services at GNA!
*Virus Protection
*Firewall Protection
*Microsoft Updates
*Hardware Installation
*Software Installation
One on One computer Classes, learn the Basics to the more advanced.

Computer Repair
Help protect your computer from a Virus $49.00

Install a Free Anti-Virus Software or have the option of purchasing your own Anti-Virus software.
Install a SpyWare Program
Scan and remove Viruses and malware
Walk through and explain the steps needed in running and maintaining the newly installed software
Block yourself from unwanted connections. $39.00

Install a configure a Firewall
Allow Permissions for programs
Install a PopUp Blocker to stop unwanted Advertisements
Explain the steps involved in running andmaintaining a firewall
Is your computer running sluggish, or crashing constantly? Infected with a non-curable Virus? Reformat your computer and have GNA do it!

GNA can install Windows* and downlaod all the critical updates listed on the Windows UPdate Site! You must supply GNA with the Operating system CD and installation keys.
  • Reinstall Windowxs Xp $49.00
  • Reinstall other Windows operating systems $69.00
  • Add Plat 1 and Plan 2 for an additional $40.00
  • Windows XP Home Edition can be purchased from GNA for only $199.00 which includes Plan 1,2 and 3. Xp Professional edition can be purchased for $40 more.

    Additional Software can be installed at a rate of $25.00 an hour with a minimum 1 hour charge. User must supply GNA with media and activation/Cd Keys if needed.

    Missing some patches? Don't want to spend hours downloading Windows Service Patches? Have us do it $24.99

    We will install all critical updates and service patches, Windows updates and driver updates that are recommended by the Microsoft. Also includes a Scan Dsik and defrag.
    Having disconnection Problems? $35.00

    Gna will test your connection rate at our location; check for any modem updates and other tested ideas that we have. Biggest cause for diconection problems is usally due to an old modem. GNA can supply and install a new modem for an additional $35.00
    Running low on space? is your hard drivemaking wierd clicking noises? It may be time to replace it. $35.00

    GNA will install a harddrive as a secondary drive on your computer. GNA can supply and install Western digital 100 GB drives for an $99.00. The drives are 7200 RPM, ATA 100, with an 8 meg buffer size.
    Have new hardware and not sure how to install it? $35.00

    For $35.00 an hour minium 1 hour, we can install any hardware you purchased from another vender. We are not responsible for any hardware failures or hardware that does not work in your comptuer. We will install Montherboards.

    Computer Classes
    Basic Classes
    $39.95 for a one hour lesson. Learn the basics one on one with one of our instructors.
    Navigate the Internet
    How to move Files
    How to click the mouse
    Include GNA's very own instruction manual when you go home.
    you can bring in and learn off your own computer!
    Late night classes available.
    We also offer Mid-Level Classes where you can "Pick our Brain".
    More advanced classes can be taken over the internet. Over 900 Classes available.